Sunday, October 25, 2009

Teddy the Dog

Teddy the Dog appeared in more than 40 silent movies.

Teddy the Dog also known as Teddy the Wonder Dog and Keystone Teddy appeared in move than 40 silent movies from 1913 to 1914.

Teddy was arguably the first canine superstar of the American cinema, he was a fawn or lightly marked brindle Great Dane .

The popularity of Teddy was such that he became one of Mack Sennett's highest paid "actors," commanding the sterling salary of $350 a week.

He performed with some of the top stars at the studio, including Baby Peggy, Slim Summerville, Mary Pickford, and Chester Conklin.

Teddy made his debut in A Little Hero (1913) and was a frequent co-star of Pepper the Cat and Ben Turbin.

Ben Turbin and Teddy appeared in fifteen films together including Are Waitresses Safe (1917), Whose Little Wife Are You (1918), His Smothered Love (1918) and Pitfalls of a Big City (1932).

Pepper and Teddy appeared in seven movies together: The Little Hero (1913), Friend Husband (1928), Rip & Stitch (1919), Reilly's Wash Day (1919), Trying to Get Along (1919), Back to the Kitchen (1919), and On a Summer Day (1921).

Teddy's most famous movies was Teddy at the Throttle (1917) starring Gloria Swanson and Wallace Beery. In this movie Teddy sang with Gloria, danced with her maid, and saved her by stopping a train, thus enabling her to be reunited with her true love.

Teddy's films credits include A Dog Catcher's Love (1917), The Sultan's Wife (1917), The Summer Girls (1918), Uncle Tom Without a Cabin (1919), Teddy's Goat (1921), Get Rich Quick Peggy, (1921) and Bow Wow (1922).

Teddy's final film was The Hollywood Kid (1924).

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