Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pepper the Cat

Pepper the Cat was the first feline movie star.

Pepper was born under a sound stage in 1912 and as a kitten wondered onto the set of one of Max Sennet's silent Keystone Cop films. Max liked what he saw and a star was born.

She appeared with the Keystone Cops 1912 to 1913 in uncredited roles.

Pepper's first credit role was in 1913 in A Litte Hero.

She could learn to do tricks and was a very smart cat even play checkers. She appears in a scene with Ben Turpin playing checkers. They appeared in six movies together: Whose Little Wife are You (1918), When Love is Blind (1919), Trying to Get Along (1919), The Quack Doctor (1920), The Dentist (1919), and Are Waitresses Safe? (1917).

She frequently appeared with Marie Prevost. They appeared together in His Hidden Purpose (1918), Never Too Old (1919), When Love is Blind (1919), The Dentish (1919).

She also worked with Carole Lombard in The Girl from Everywhere (1927).

Pepper's most famous co-star was Teddy the Dog. They appeared in seven movies together: The Little Hero (1913), Friend Husband (1928), Rip & Stitch (1919), Reilly's Wash Day (1919), Trying to Get Along (1919), Back to the Kitchen (1919), and On a Summer Day (1921).

Pepper's movie career lasted 16 years until her death in 1928. Her total number of movies is unknown as she did not receive credit for several of her early roles. She did earn 17 credited roles to her name. Her final role was Love at First Flight (1928).

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